Bride & Groom

I am a "30 - something" attorney who is employed at the State's Attorneys Office just outside of Chicago. I LOVE to travel and I have been fortunate to have traveled extensively. But to quote Dorothy, "there is no place like home." Home happens to be wherever I am living at the time as my birth city (Denver) differs from the city in which I attended elementary school (Kansas City) which is miles away from the city where I graduated high school (Memphis) which is a whole world away from the city where I went to college (Charleston, SC). Throw in some time in NYC and DC and then finally, St. Louis, which is where I attended law school, and you have my complete geographical history. I have now settled in yet another "home" about an hour south of Chicago.

I am a world traveler, lawyer, sister, daughter, College of Charleston graduate, KD Lady, tennis player, fiancee, dog lover, baker, political junkie, and a friend to a few really great people. I am very close with my family and think that family is so incredibly important. So...I am very excited to be adding to mine!

I am a computer nerd, and have been since you could fit them in the average household. I've done all kinds of computer work; currently I'm working at an internet financial company in downtown Chicago. I'm born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, starting off in the western suburbs and then relocating to the southern burbs a few years ago.

I'm also a world traveler, though it's been primarily focused in Europe and the Carribean, at least until our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in March '09. I'm a bit of a news junkie and people seem to think I have a slight movie addiction because I own over 750 DVDs.

I can't wait to marry the most wonderful person in the world and share the rest of my life's experiences with her.